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ALDinHE Annual Award

Congratulations to Kate Connery the ALDinHE Annual Award Winner 2021

Our previous winner and nominees can be found here for: 20212020

Professional Accreditation

Congratulations to ALDinHE members who received formal recognition of their specialist knowledge and practice in learning development in 2020.

The following members were awarded Certified Practitioners (CeP) and Certified Leading Practitioners (CeLP) in Learning Development:


  • Helena Beeson
  • Viv Bell
  • Jane Brennan
  • Abbie Cairns
  • Jodie Calleja
  • Adam Devine
  • Sam King
  • Michael McGarry
  • Sarah Ann Robin
  • Laura Riella
  • Kate Swinton
  • Josh Thorpe  
  • Karen Welton     


  • Samantha Aston
  • Melanie Crisfield
  • Jennie Dettmer
  • Sheryl Mansfield

View the complete list of CeP and CeLP holders

CeP CeLP Awards Certificates
CeP and CeLP Award Certificates