Gordon Asher – Presenter at #ALDCon21

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021

Presenter: Gordon Asher

Institution: Independent Scholar/Developer


Gordon Asher is an educator/learner, researcher/writer, editor/proofreader, ‘activist’ and cultural worker based in Glasgow. He is an Independent Scholar and Developer, who also works part time in Higher Education – and is a member of UCU Scotland’s Higher Education Committee. He worked for ten years as a Learning and Curriculum Developer at the Universities of the West of Scotland and Strathclyde – and has had various employments, roles and engagements in adult, community and higher education.

He studied for a Masters in Adult Education at the University of Glasgow and is presently close to completing a PhD by Publication, within a broad framing – ‘In, Against and Beyond the Neoliberal University’; linking critical educational theories and practices within the academy with radical education outwith the academy.

His interests include academic and critical literacies, critical pedagogy, popular education, ecopedagogy, interspecies pedagogy, criticality in education, critical thinking/reading/writing, social movement education, co-operative education, open education, lifelong learning, adult, community and higher education, including Learning, Education/Curriculum and Researcher Development


Asher, G. (2021) The pandemic neoliberal university – contemporary realities, crises and likely trajectories of UK Higher Education and Learning Development: continuities and/or divergences? an urgency of critical Learning Development?. Paper presented at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021, Online.

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Gordon Asher
Gordon Asher

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