Jodie Calleja – Presenter at #ALDCon21

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021

Presenter: Jodie Calleja CeP

Institution: Canterbury Christ Church University  


Learning Development has been key to my career in education, from teaching Post-16 to managing HE Personal Tutoring and now as Learning Development Manager at Canterbury Christ Church University. I have gained two teaching qualifications, both of which improved my abilities to embed academic skills within teaching practice.

In my current role as Learning Development Manager, I am responsible for providing specialist and leadership for the development of skills and practices provision. I lead on projects which raise the profile of our Learning Developers and Learning & Research Support Librarians, as well as our embedded hub-and-spoke approach to learning development.

Over the last 5 years, I have grown an interest in developing online learning to increase accessibility to learning development for diverse student groups. I have worked on creating modules hosted on Moodle, Blackboard, SharePoint and most recently WordPress. I have a strong belief in widening participation and creating inclusive and accessible environments which foster a love for learning. I have been exploring methods to promote engagement of online learning using a mixture of media.

Jodie Calleja
Jodie Calleja


Calleja, J. (2021) Creating a platform for independent online learning development. Poster presented at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021, Online.

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