Julia Kotula – Presenter at #ALDCon21

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021

Presenter: Julia Kotula

Institution: Arts University Bournemouth 


Having been an EAP practitioner for many years I have recently extended my practice to providing Learning Development support to students of creative subjects. My expertise includes teaching Academic Literacies inclusively to all students across all levels at university, teaching EAP, and providing support to students with dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties. I work with students in one-to-one sessions and deliver both open-to-all and integrated, in-course academic skills workshops tailored to students’ needs. Workshops focus on academic research and writing skills, critical and reflective thinking skills, or independent study techniques.   

My long-existing interests are multilingualism, developing academic writing and critical thinking skills, and the emotional side of studying, but more recently I have also become interested in Specific Learning Difficulties and their impact of learning. 


Kotula, J. and Beaumont, K. (2021) Essay Writing Cards for Creative Disciplines. Resource Swap Shop presented at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021, Online.

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Julia Kotula
Julia Kotula

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