Nazmin Khanom – Presenter at #ALDCon21

Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021

Presenter: Nazmin Khanom

Institution: London South Bank University


I have an MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics from King’s College London. My undergraduate is a BA (Hons) in Education from London South Bank University. I am currently undertaking a MA in Academic Practice in in Higher Education between King’s College London and City, University of London.

I have been teaching in adult education since 2009 and have taught at LSBU since 2015 in learning development. My interest is in English language and literacy development, critical thinking and pedagogic theory within teaching in higher education.

I have recently been working on projects that combine learning development and academic development. This has included the development of a resource bank for academics in the form of a toolkit within our intranet. I have also started to work on pilot schemes for working with course teams. At present, I am working on an academic skills matrix for level 4 through to level 7.

I am part of the regional group at ALDinHE and attend symposia to share ideas and learn about bench marking in relation to embedding academic practice. I am interested in collaborating with external institutions to enhance learning development and advocate its value within programmes as an integrative component.


Thomas, P. and Khanom, N. (2021) Advocacy and growing pains: Constructing a Learning Development toolkit. Workshop presented at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education Conference 2021, Online.

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Nazmin Khanom
Nazmin Khanom

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