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Professional Accreditation stand at #ALDCon21

The ALDinHE recognition scheme emerged from a strong community consensus that although Learning Developers can have diverse roles, they will share certain values. Using this feedback, ALDinHE developed the Certified Practitioner (CeP) and Certified Leading Practitioner (CeLP) awards.  


You can apply for CeP or CeLP if you:

  1. Are based at an institution that is an ALDinHE member; or
  2. Have an individual ALDinHE membership

ALDinHE membership information is available on our JOIN page.


The CeP and CeLP awards promote Learning Development as a profession in its own right.

Successful applicants receive formal recognition of their specialist knowledge and practice. This demonstrates expertise to both current and prospective employers, and might also be useful when applying for HEA fellowship.

Successful applicants are:

  • Given a certificate in recognition of their Learning Development expertise.
  • Added to a list of CePs on the ALDinHE website – publically recognising their expertise.
  • Encouraged to add their ALDinHE status in their email signature

There is currently no requirement to revalidate an award. However, ALDinHE reserves the right to introduce a revalidation scheme / tiered recognition categories at a future date.

CeP and CeLP Award Ceremony

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CeP/CeLP online workshop

A CeP/CeLP online workshop was held on the 30th April 2020. View session recording

Click this link to download the slides from this session

You may notice that we have updated the application forms and guidance. If you have already started your application using the previous form, you will NOT need to update your application. If you are wanting to apply and haven’t previously started, please use the updated application forms.